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2nd Annual Mite Frightfest!

2nd Annual Mite Frightfest 

October 27th - 29th, 2023

Registration is now open! Register Here!

The Troy Albany Hockey Association is thrilled to be hosting the second ever Mite Frightfest! We welcome 8U teams from across the Capital Region and beyond for a fun filled weekend of hockey at our home rink in Troy, New York. 

Games are half ice, with red, white and blue devisions. 4 games guaranteed, with 2 25-minute halves. Registration fee is $675 per team.

Need more info? Contact Tom at

Rink Address:

Frear Park - 2701 Lavin Court, Troy NY. 12180

Game Details:

All games will be played with 4-players and one goalie on the ice. Games will consist of 2 periods of 25-minute running time on 1⁄2 ice. Games will be played with 3⁄4 USA hockey certified 8u nets & blue pucks. 3-minutes allotted for warm up prior to game. There will be NO TIME OUTS in any round of the 8u division. There will be NO OVERTIME in round robin play.


There will be a buzzer to indicate change every 90-seconds as there is in most 8u Hockey. Changes can be made on the fly or during stoppages. All players must come back to the bench at the end of their 90-second shift. Any player staying on to the ice (double shift) must come back to their bench and touch the boards to indicate a change.

Puck Placement:

On goals scored: the on ice officials will place the puck behind the net on which the goal was scored. The scoring team will be directed towards center ice, at which point the team with possession can advance the puck and play will be live.

On shift changes: at the buzzer the referee will place another puck in play at neutral ice near the boards farthest from the benches.


If a penalty is called: the on ice official will remove the offending player from the ice. Offending player will be substituted for by a player from the bench. Egregious and intentional penalties may be called and the opposing team may be issued a penalty shot.

Points for Round Robin Play:

Win= 2-points Tie= 1-point Loss= 0-points

Playoff Seeding:

Seeding will occur after round robin play. Seeding will be determined by the amount of points a team has earned during the round robin. In the event of a tie, the tiebreaker will be as follows:

A. Head to Head
B. Least Goals Against

C. Most Goals Scored

D. CoinToss

Play off Round:

If there is a tie at the end of regulation time during the semifinal or championship games, the following rules will apply:

1) Four minutes of 3v3
2) If a tie persists, one shot per each team (3 shooters each to start) then single shooters until there is a winner. No shooters will repeat until all rostered players have shot.


Officials will have discretion to disallow any goal they feel takes advantage of the buzzer changes.

Teams must be ready to play 10- minutes before scheduled game time.

The Director will have final say on any decision that needs to be addressed, protests will not be tolerated.

All decisions made by on ice officials are final.
USA hockey rules will apply, unless amended above.