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Dear TAHA Members,

We have received the attached guidance from NYSAHA regarding tryouts and sign ups for the 2020-21 season.  In summary:

  1. At this point in time there will be no tryouts for any NYS hockey teams.
  2. Starting June 1st any players interested in playing for TAHA at the 14u and older divisions in the 2020-21 season should indicate their interest using the TRY OUT LINK and pay the $40 fee.
  3. Starting June 11th any players interested in playing for TAHA at the 10u and 12u divisions in the 2020-21 season should indicate their interest using the TRY OUT LINK and pay the $40 fee.
    1. Players from other associations that previously signed up for tryouts (pre pandemic) will be contacted to assess willingness to be assigned to a TAHA team for the 2020-21 season.
    2. Players that registered prior to 5/28/20 should contact TAHA President at if you would like to indicate a preferred player position.
  4. 8U registrations will occur later in the summer, in usual fashion.
  5. In the TRY OUT link, you will indicate what level of play and position you are interested in signing your player up for. 
  6. Starting June 15th, TAHA will begin to review the sign-up list and separate them by age/team interest and share with the respective head coach.
  7. Coaches will select some or all interested players to develop rosters.  
    1. Not all roster spots will necessarily be filled through this process.
    2. If you are not offered a roster spot on the team of your choice you will be contacted to assess your interest in another TAHA team.
    3. Developed rosters will be frozen on July 1st and sent to NYSAHA by July 15th  as required.
      1. Once on a roster no cuts will be made, or releases granted
      2. Once on a roster no refunds will be granted unless due to financial hardship and then the player cannot move to another tournament bound or travel team.
    4. If roster spots remain open after this initial sign up process players may be added at a later date
      1. There may be an opportunity for a supplemental tryout session  for any remaining non-rostered players once we reach phase 4 of NYS re-opening plan but timing and structure of that is still TBD.
  8. Any player that does not owe TAHA any monies from the previous season will be considered released per NYSAHA instruction effective May 30th WITHOUT a formal release completed.  If you want to sign up to play for another association for the 2020-21 season, you do not need a release document from TAHA.
  9. We plan to host wrap/high school friendly teams and develop programming that as closely resembles a normal season as possible, but all of this will hinge on NYS re-opening phases and the timeline dictated.  Please know there is the possibility of adjustments to programming along the way.

Tryout Registration Link


2020 - 2021 Coaching Staff

10u Elite - Chris Jarvis

10u Development - Kyle Wessels

10u B - Jason Schmidt / Tom Murley

12u Major/A - Tim See

12u Minor - Jerry Sangiacomo

12u A/B - Rich Caola

12u Ice Cats - Derrek Tuthill

14u Minor - Todd Nocera

14u High School Friendly - TJ Culliton

14u B - John Brown

14u Ice Cats - Bill Kennedy

16u Wrap - John Wilbur

16u High School Friendly - John Durocher

16/18u Ice Cats - Bryan Murray

18u Teams - TBD

Getting Better at Home


We have put together a program for our players to work on their skill development with some off-ice drills. We assembled what we hope could serve as a starting point for empowering our players to enhance/advance their hockey skills at home.

Below is an explanation of the program, and the program itself, which will be sent to players via Instagram and posted on the website, in addition to this message to you, the parents. Your support of this effort is much appreciated. We are rolling out the program to the players tomorrow (Monday, April 20, 2020).

We are awarding a $25 Pure Hockey gift card once every two weeks (for a total of four gift cards). This will be given as the result of a drawing every two weeks. Players will become eligible for the drawing depending upon their level of participation.

***Parents please be sure your player knows that they must fulfill ALL 3 requirements to
be eligible for the drawing.

Here is the program and weekly workout checklist:

8u Programming Information

Contact Troy Albany Youth Hockey


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