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    Important COVID-19 Related Info


    All players, coaches, referees and spectators, will be required to complete an online COVID-19 screening questionnaire online prior to coming to the facility. Everyone entering the building must complete the screening form online and check in with staff on arrival.

    Anyone with any COVID risk factors or related illnesses should not participate in any activities at Frear Park Ice Rink. Anyone exhibiting symptoms or signs of an illness should not be in Frear Park and will be asked to leave.

    Frear Park Ice Rink will open 15 minutes prior to your scheduled on-ice time. Anyone arriving earlier than 15 minutes before their start time MUST wait outside, preferably at/in their car, to avoid congregating in the entrance area.

    Players, coaches, referees and spectators will check in and have their temperature checked (must be less than 100.4) before proceeding further into the facility.

    All will follow a specified foot traffic pattern in the facility to limit unnecessary exposure and interactions. _____

    Frear Park Foot Traffic Pattern:

    All will enter the rink via the door by the golf shop. NO OTHER DOORS WILL BE USED FOR ENTRANCE TO THE BUILDING.

    Players, coaches and referees will travel to locker rooms via back hall that passes by the bathrooms.
    Spectators will be directed to lobby/rink area.

    page1image5229952 page1image5227456

    After locker room use players will be instructed by their coach to continue down the hall to the ice rink.

    After practice, players will exit the rink and travel along the glass toward the bleacher area (visiting team) or side room in main lobby (home team) where they will remove skates and continue out the lobby exit.

    Home bench team will exit the rink first and head to the lobby changing areas. Visiting team will follow suit and head to chairs set up near benches for skate removal.

    Everyone will exit the rink at the lobby’s main door. NO OTHER DOORS WILL BE USED FOR


    Facility capacity will be limited to 50% or less of maximum allowed capacity. Regardless of 50% capacity rule, spectators will be limited to 2 per player!

    Coaches, spectators and referees must wear mask for the entire time they are inside the building. Anyone not following this rule WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE THE FACILITY.

    All players MUST wear a mask when entering and exiting Frear Park (any time not on the ice). Wearing a mask on the ice during game play is strongly encouraged, but not required for players.

    Referees will be provided with electric whistles during check in process. No payment to the referee will occur until electric whistle is returned to coach/team manager. Rink staff will sanitize the whistle between use.

    While all spectators will be wearing masks, individuals that are NOT from the same family are still expected to maintain 6 ft social distancing at all times. Bleacher areas are marked off every 6 ft.

    Acceptable face coverings for COVID-19 include but are not limited to cloth-based face coverings and disposable masks that cover both the mouth and nose.

    Players MUST bring their own water bottles that are clearly marked/ labeled with their name. To the extent possible, water bottles should be filled prior to arrival to the rink.

    All players MUST enter Frear Park completely dressed (minus: helmets, skates and gloves). Exceptions will be made for goalies, who may need to put on additional equipment at the rink and for those players that drive themselves to the rink.

    Hockey bags are NOT permitted in Frear Park at this time. Small personal belonging bags are allowed to put sneakers and other personal belongings in. All belongings will be brought to the “Drop Zone” in the ice rink area, nothing remains in the locker rooms.

    page2image5073984 page2image5074176

    Players will be assigned to a locker room upon entry. To assist with social distancing, locker room benches have been marked off every 6 ft. Players will be divided evenly among rooms to avoid crowding in the locker rooms. For games, each team will have access to 2 locker rooms for use, prior to the game only. Players should spend less than 15 min in the locker room to put on their remaining equipment (skates, helmets and gloves) prior to going on the ice.

    Whenever possible, attendees should use the restroom prior to coming to the rink in an effort to limit bathroom use at the rink.

    No off-ice interaction (team meetings, dryland activities, socializing, tailgating, etc.) will occur prior to or following the conclusion of practice/games.

    Hand contact of any kind is discouraged. Avoid handshakes, high-fives, etc. There will be no team handshakes at the conclusion of games.

    Players MUST put their masks on IMMEDIATELY after leaving the ice, remove skates and helmets and leave Frear Park within 10 minutes of the end of practice/game.

    Parents/Guardians must be aware of the time when the players will be done. The parent or responsible person assigned to pick up players at the rink must be punctual. Players should not have to wait for a ride.

    Coaches or “locker room monitor” should remain until all players have safely left the facility and enforce all safety protocols in place.

    Coaches/Team Managers/Schedulers are EXPECTED to relay Frear Park COVID protocols to any teams they plan to host at Frear Park and ENSURE visiting teams are following all protocols, including spectator limitations, mask wearing and social distancing. Any team not following and/or enforcing COVID safety protocols will lose their game privileges.

    All rental groups will provide TAHA will a participant list, including contact info (email and cell phone).

    Signage indicating sanitizing stations, traffic flow, mask requirements and social distance markers denoting spaces of six feet will be placed in all observation areas in the lobby and rink area.

    *Showers and eating area will remained closed until further notice.

    **NO FOOD OR DRINKS (except participant water bottles) will be allowed in the facility until further notice.

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